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Hay! I'm freelancer Peng (Pendave as my nickname) localized in Shengzhen, Guandong Pro. of China. I have experience of over 5 years for online outsourcing market. Here's also a team of excellent designers and programmers who are all do their favor to the projects outsourced from all over the world.

We are hoenest and cooperative to every client, with nice communication skills to promise each project's successul result and dilivery in schedule.

You can see our skills into design and programming fields below:

  • Flash Animation

    2D Animations: Such as Flash Web site intros, landing pages, Flash web site Banners, Comic and Cartoon based on stories, etc.
    Software used: Adobe Flash, After Effects

  • Flash Site & Flex & AIR application

    We do desktop applications or website widgets according to the clients' imagination and description, versatile enough to build Games, Players, Galleries, Calculators, Flipping magzines, Interactive Maps, Slideshows, 3d Engined displays, multimedia presentations.
    Software used: Adobe Flash, Flex, AIR

  • Web Design

    We do structured Web sites with knowledge of web design.
    Software used: Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Flash

  • Layout Design

    We focus heavily on the relationship between the text, images and message of the overall piece. We Work in a print media focused environment.
    Software used: Adobe illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Indesign

  • Logo Design

    We do Logo by hand drawn or with a computer platform, our creative designers will create logos for companies and helps them create a specific and distinguishable brand for their company.
    Software used: Adobe illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw, Flash

  • Illustration

    We conceptualize and create hand drawn graphics as well as digitally created graphics. Vector or raster formats could be well produced.
    Software used: Adobe illustrator, Photoshop, Painter, CorelDraw, Flash

  • Nonlinear video editing

    Our nonlinear Editors will provide high-quality post-production editing on a desktop computer. We can deliver the video for electronic publishing on CDs, DVDs or the Web. After editing, the digital output is converted to any of several digital video formats.
    Software used:
    Video Edition: Adobe Premiere, After Effects, Edius
    Audio Edition: Adobe Audition, Sound Forge, Goldwave

  • 3D

    We turn the 2D design to 3D models and animations, such as Website mascott character, Architecture modelling and industrial renderring, 3d animation movies, Game characters modelling and rigging, texture drawing, CAD design to realistic 3d Scenes, Sketchup construction and displaying.
    Software used: 3dsmax, Rhinoceros, Maya, Silo, Swift3D, C4D, Lightwave

  • GIF Animation

    We do frame by frame GIF stuffs for Website banners, Mascott, Product displaying.
    Software used: Adobe Flash, Photoshop, Ulead GIF Animator

  • Translation and Website Localization

    We excute manual translation preventing machine work, no matter the words in text, graphic, scripts, videos, flash, we can make them perfect tranlation.
    In languages: English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, spanish, Japanese