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Portfolio: Vector & Raster Illustration

We conceptualize and create hand drawn graphics as well as digitally created graphics. Vector or raster formats could be well produced.
Software used: Adobe illustrator, Photoshop, Painter, CorelDraw, Flash

Cute Fountain and cute children Red horse cartoon mascot design Hybrid elephant donkey mascot design
Graduate dog cartoon mascot design Sorry mouse cartoon design Caricuture man in vector
Porcelain statue boy in vector Cute doggie cartoon design Wordpress header design for a girl loves badger and reading
Detective dog cartoon mascot design Duck lady cartoon design Church logo design
Boy cartoon mascot design Logo for UPRV bitmap to vector illustration Logo traced to vector from raster
Blackheart eyes vector design Cartoon old man design fir his site Cartoon pirate vector design
Nerdy mouse mascot vector design Cartoon nerdy bird without wings Cartoon bush-stone curlew vector illustration for book
Ski guide vector design for book Vector golden boot illustration Cartoon Shrek vector illustration
Spaceship vector illustration Vector callflow illustration design for print Site workflow design and illustration in vector
Font design for Gatorprime logo Vector illustration for pottery elephant Vector illustration for pottery riding lady
Cartoon design for site logo Vector illustration for the guy washing car Vector illustration happy car for site
Tracing Anderson Place logo to vector Tracing SameDay logo to vector Tracing Pino cafe logo to vector
Tracing shop logo to vector Tracing badge critics logo to vector Tracing Fushia logo to vector
Teahouse logo to vector Tracing teapot logo to vector Tracing Fu dog to vector